All 24 hours pharmacies in France may have the same primary business model; which is giving the most appropriates patient drug prescriptions. However, there are many other things that can be done to increase competitiveness in the pharmacy industry. Being at the peak as compared to other competitors is also another huge advantage. Activities which may guarantee pharmacists attaining a competitive advantage included improving patient and physician relationships, offering ancillary services and providing exceptional levels of customer service.

The pointers below discuss some of the best practices and techniques that can be used to edge competitors out of business.

Keenly monitor competitors’ prices

Keeping an eye on the price points of competitors against the prices of one’s products and services is vital. In addition, considering other things such as customer service, reduced wait times, quick response to refills and the ability to get medical advice and recommendations from your pharmacists are important to consumers. It is wise for the pharmacy management to regularly survey patients to find out what they want and need and refine products and services according to the feedback.

Enhance pharmacist-doctor relationships

Put forth inquiries to physicians and local clinics and ask what a pharmacist can do to be a better partner in the delivery of healthcare services. Not only does this give the pharmacists and pharmacy management an insight into specific ways that can increase sales volume. It can also help in the development of strong working relationships with physicians who may be likely to refer patients to the pharmacy.

Develop an excellent patient relationship

24 hours pharmacies in France should aim to Increase repeat business with patients by giving them reasons to transfer prescriptions or come back to the pharmacy. This could result in stocking a wide range of healthcare products and supplies. Otherwise, it could also mean specializing in key areas such as heart complications or diabetic care. Pharmacists should be bothered to offer a customer rewards program such as discounted merchandise or bonuses for those who regularly refill prescriptions at with the location of the pharmacy.

Offer free health clinics

The management of 24 hours pharmacies in France should make the pharmacies a great resource of health care for patients by offering free health clinics. Some of the services to be offered to the community include nutrition counseling, weight management programs, and blood pressure analysis and cholesterol screenings. These services offer customers added incentives which propel them to come to the pharmacy on a regular basis. Pharmacists should be allowed to attend health fairs, and offer low-cost health flu shots, sports physicals, immunizations and other specialized services to raise community awareness of the pharmacy, its products, and services.

Become innovative

The management of 24 hours pharmacies should offer services that make it easy for everyone to do business with them. In particular, the management in collaboration with pharmacists should promote activities that competitors don’t. For example, the management can implement the prescription drop-off opportunities, online ordering options, delivery services, text message refill reminders and e-newsletters to go a long way in helping the pharmacy gain new customers and business deals. Discount and promotion messages could be sent to customers to persuade them to take advantage of the opened period.

Implementing multi-lingual services

A number of 24 hours pharmacies in France that operates in areas with diverse communities have a need to hire pharmacist that can converse with customers in multiple languages. Print brochures and ads should be done with diversification in other languages and promote the fact that the pharmacy serves a diverse demographic. In addition, it can be prudent for the management to join ethnic chambers of commerce to promote the pharmacy to target audiences.

Perfect prescriptions are the number one reason that makes customers come into a particular pharmacy. Appropriate prescriptions are definitely one of the biggest sources of revenue but it is also vital for every pharmacy to boost non-prescription sales as well. In recent past, the profit margins of prescriptions across the pharmacy industry have been dropping while margins for non-prescriptions remain reliable and strong. Non-prescription merchandise can be a significant source of revenue. Additionally, they may help in maximizing retail sales of prescribed medications.

Conduct a thorough Market Research

Carrying out a market research can go a long way to ensuring that 24 hours pharmacies in France comprehend the dynamics which may affect operations. The management should not rely on the practitioners within the pharmacy industry to figure out the best ways to grow non-prescription sales. The pharmacists and the managers should review data and research to determine which over-the-counter and retail products are greatly demanded. For example, a study pharmacy student in France has found out that pharmacists have at times assumed that diabetes products are ranked as the fourth most-shopped non-prescription category. However, point-of-sale data reveal that diabetes products actually ranked 15th in the total sales made by all 24 hours pharmacies in France. Also, the management should reexamine periodic sales figures to ascertain which product categories are most popular with customers and take steps to make these products easier to locate in the layout of the pharmacy.

Stock Related Products Closely

The pharmacists in 24 hours pharmacies in France should know how products relate to each other to help the pharmacy increase retail sales. For example, patients who may be looking for a knee brace can find it helpful to jointly purchase it with a joint. This can help the pharmacist to display related products next to each other so as to help the customers to easily find what they are looking for. Pharmacists should also not forget to use the pharmacy floor plan to help them decide on how to position related products for maximum sales impact.

Offer high-quality customer Service

Customer care is a practice exploited by all businesses irrespective of the industry. Actually, it rarely matters if one is running a pharmacy or a ditch digging company! Everything involving business operation is started and ends with customer service. Offering an exceptional customer service is an essential technique that can be used to boost merchandise sales at any 24 hours pharmacies in France.